Ya Basta! Enough Already! Obama Should Ask Steve Jobs for a Loan – By Thomas Wahl

I am one of the most non-political people you’ll ever meet, but a great headline from the Financial Post caught my eye: U.S. balance now less than Apple cash

Like most of you I am exceedingly sick of hearing about the latest ‘Debt Crisis’ news and updates. To me it illustrates the precise problem with politics in general, but U.S. politics specifically.
If you, as the CEO or chairman of the board of your own company, were to deal with your company’s debt or liquidity crisis in this fashion, the board and stockholders would fire you, before the company had to file for bankruptcy.
What do the American citizens get? Posturing by all involved and a sinking confidence in the U.S. economy and of course the U.S. dollar. Long-term result; even less jobs!
Dear American Citizen – you are the shareholder in the above example. While you are all shocked and dismayed by what is happening in the rest of the world, please take a look at what is happening at home and make your board of directors accountable.
You may ask what this has to do with hospitality and myself. Very simple – the hospitality industry is something I am extremely passionate about and the direct and indirect impact of this concerns me in the extreme.
I look forward to hearing your comments. Please use the comment box below, or drop me a line.

In hospitality, Thomas

P.S. – You can find the Financial Post Article here.

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