The Power of Word of Mouth Testimonials

A satisfied guest is an excellent marketing tool. Encourage your guests to share their positive experience with the world.

Many travelers base hotel booking decisions on reviews posted on hotel or travel web sites. Guest testimonials, or positive guest reviews, are seen to provide the impartial and credible information needed to make a correct decision on where to stay.  
Tripadvisor and other travel-experience review sites can be excellent promotion for your hotel, but not all guests will write positive reviews. And guests who have thoroughly enjoyed their experience may not bother to post their comments. The proliferation of online review sites has also spawned the emergence of fake testimonials. Competitors may commission fake negative reviews of a competitor’s property to grab market share. However, savvy travelers do not judge a hotel by individual reviews, but look at the big picture: the ratio between positive and negative reviews. To ensure the balance of negative and positive reviews accurately reflect your hotel’s service quality, positive comments must be actively solicited from departing guests.
Hotel should consider having a “Guest Testimonial” in their own website as well to ensure that positive guest experiences complement the unsolicited reviews on travel websites. Interestingly, testimonials do not only help building the confidence and trust of hotels’ potential guests, but also retain existing guests and generate referral business for hotels. A recent survey by Market Metric reveals that guests who wrote a review after their stay were 20% more likely to recommend the hotel and 40% more likely to return.
Realizing the importance of having Guest Testimonial, Pelican® Booking Engine provides guest testimonial feature that can be attached anywhere in hotel’s website independently. Hotel can insert the testimonial and upload up to 5 photos into the system directly, which is connected to guest database for easy referral.

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