Win Customer Loyalty with Integrated Email Marketing

A new platform to deliver value-added services to guests, improving online guest experiences and satisfaction as part of hotel CRM strategies

Pelican Hotel Solutions proudly announce the launch of “Integrated Email Marketing”, a platform for hotels to optimize service quality and provide time-and-context-sensitive up-selling of supplementary products and services. As a FREE upgrade to all our valued customers, this integrated email marketing solution includes best practices for scheduling, implementation, and management.
Integrated email marketing can be used for pre-arrival greetings and post-departure appreciations, offering room upgrades and add-on amenities, as an e-concierge, for customer surveys, and for hotel promotional campaign updates. Both content and design are fully customizable. An automated delivery system enables hotels to schedule automatic email delivery at specified dates and times.
Welcome Email & Up-Selling
Greet your guests three-to-ten days prior to arrival with a reservation confirmation and information about hotel facilities. Pre-arrival emails can also promote appealing non-room items such as airport transfers, champagne and wine, spa treatments, restaurant vouchers and theater bookings.
Thank You Email & Guest Survey
Thank your departing guests and solicit valuable feedback and comments. A link to an online survey form will help to capture your guest’s experience for future reference.
This interactive email provides local information to help your guests plan activities during their stay. A detailed guide includes maps, directions, weather, local transportation, restaurant recommendations, shopping advice, local activities, and other attractions.
Update targeted guests about new amenities, services, events, or simply the latest special offers. E-Newsletter is a great way of reaching out to former guests and to encourage repeat bookings.
Build familiarity with your hotel and loyal relationships through consistent and personalized communication.
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