Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts Reaches a Wider Customer Base Through RateGain’s Channel Management Solution

Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts, the premium chain of resorts in Mallorca, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Costa del Sol and Malta announced that their electronic distribution has experienced a multiplier effect with RateGain’s channel management solution, ChannelGain enabling them to engage with new customers.

With a comprehensive solution for distribution, RateGain pioneered the pooled inventory method for controlling room inventory sold by online travel agencies (OTAs), a feature that is not commonly found on competitive solutions. ChannelGain has a customer base of over 2,000 hotels and is on pace to exceed 1 million transactions in this year alone.

Maíta Gallardo, Commercial Director at Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts, described the benefits: “We have always taken pride in building our business through the ideal blend of comfort and a human touch for our customers. Hence, when we engage with a technology partner, we expect the same ease of use and reliability with a human touch. RateGain has been able to help us achieve that balance with their ChannelGain solution. In an age when traditional methods of reaching customers are no longer sufficient, ChannelGain has enabled us to capture new customers through its billboard effect.”
She also added, “We chose ChannelGain not just for the advanced features for e-distribution, but also for the high level of engagement from RateGain with the dedicated account team and well defined support structure.”
Tim Unwin, EVP – Hospitality Solutions at RateGain said, “ChannelGain continues to be the industry leader in reliability and functionality. ChannelGain customers benefit from unmatched features such as automated inventory management and linked room updates which equip them to maximize the return from OTAs.”
Ease of use and reliability are the fundamental elements around which ChannelGain is built. With a comprehensive set of features, including automatic re-mapping, 90 day updates, pooled inventory and flexible pricing strategies, backed by RateGain’s extensive support services, more and more hotels are discovering the advantages of ChannelGain .
About Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts
Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts is a premium chain of resorts in Mallorca, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Costa del Sol and Malta. Blue Sea Hotels, incepted in January 2010, now has 22 hotels in operation. With aggressive growth plans in international expansion across Malta, Morocco & Spain, the company demonstrated that opportunities exist despite the difficult conditions in the sector.
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About RateGain
RateGain is a technology company dedicated to providing solutions catering to pricing, channel and brand intelligence for customers in the travel and hospitality industry in over 72 countries to streamline their operations in distributions and sales. Since their inception in 2004, their unique expertise in rate intelligence with a focus on competitive rate monitoring, demand forecasting, price sensitivity analysis and price modeling has enabled them to build a global footprint of customers.
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