Newly Formed Alliance Creates Massive Distribution Channel for Excess Hotel Inventory

Phoenix, AZ – Travel Inventory Marketing Alliance, LLC (“TIMA”) is pleased to announce the development of their landmark, Internet-based hotel inventory exchange program. The TIMA System allows wholesale hotel inventory suppliers and distributors to market unused inventory through a network of similar marketers, their affiliates and private-label partners. This free product allows suppliers the ability to use a single, user-friendly interface to choose any number of TIMA members throughout the world to distribute their product based upon pricing and data sharing requirements they specify, not the distributor. Unlike the current inventory models, the TIMA System will reduce a supplier’s dependence on wholesale room marketers who are “unfriendly” to their overall inventory strategy by creating a “friendly” way to market excess inventory on terms they are able to update twenty-four hours a day. This distribution channel will not only allow wholesale room marketers the ability to clear their allotments, but it will also present an opportunity for inventory distributors to access inventory in markets they were formerly unable to supply.

Hotel sales and distribution leaders First Internet Travel, Inc. (dba and Tourist Bureau Marketing, Inc. (dba Alliance Reservations Network) formed TIMA in May 2002 in an effort to help form a long-term relationship between hotels and wholesale room marketers based on mutual control and benefit. Through the TIMA System, technology has finally bridged the gap between suppliers who wish to sell room nights and price-conscious consumers who formerly spent hours monitoring multiple sites to find the best rate for their stay. The TIMA System broadens the suppliers’ reach, benefiting them with increased distribution while benefiting the consumer with wider access to web-only and special room rates. Co-Founder Peter Bertenshaw adds, “The goal of TIMA is to broaden the wholesale inventory distribution channel and make it simple and cost-effective for hotels and their wholesale partners to manage inventory that would otherwise go unsold.”

Plans for the immediate future of TIMA include a premier of the TIMA System to additional industry suppliers and distributors combined with several rounds of participant development. Wholesale room marketers, hotel brands, and management companies, may request more information by visiting the TIMA website at

About First Internet Travel, Inc.

First Internet Travel, Inc. (FIT) is a leading provider of discounted business and leisure travel product, primarily hotel rooms, through on-line, telephone and agent desktop distribution channels. Doing business as as well as over 200 other travel related URLs, FIT has become one of the largest providers of discounted travel products with a database that includes over 46,000 hotel listings in more than 200 countries worldwide. In addition to a core product offering of discounted hotel and car products, FIT provides a variety of travel-related services that include net rate hotel program development, Internet affiliate programs for discounted hotel inventory distribution, travel-related services to corporate travel agencies and distribution technology development. With more than 350,000 members, First Internet Travel, Inc. generates over $70 million in annual revenue, or approximately 1 million rooms per year.

About Tourist Bureau Marketing, Inc.

Tourist Bureau Marketing, Inc. dba Alliance Reservations Network (“ARN”) was founded in 1995 and created one of the first online hotel-booking engines in the market. By 2002, ARN has become one of the premier online booking services in the market by combining multiple inventory sources into one seamless booking engine for its end-users. In addition to this technology, ARN has also developed virtual tour technology and proximity search functionality allowing its customers the ability to search for hotels near attractions or a street address.