Boutique Hotel and Lifestyle Summit Closes in London

Boutique Hotel and Lifestyle Summit was a two day event held at The Motcalm Marble Arch. It was an attempt of accumulating ideas from specialists in different occupations for enriching boutique hotel industry.

In the two-day hotel summit held on 12th and 13th May, 2014 at The Montcalm London Marble Arch, over two hundred speakers and delegates from all corners of the globe emphasized on the needs of boutique hotels. It was an encouraging effort by the participants against a discouraging economic environment as existing in Europe and other parts of the world. In the event areas in marketing, branding, sales, finance, and designing were explored.
This was a global event as evident from the countries represented. The list included Australia, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States of America, and of course UK.
The gathering in this summit was represented by professionals from different fields. There were architects, designers, hoteliers, developers, spa operators, private clubs, travel operators, luxury hotel suppliers, and tourist boards. If they were not enough, there were representatives from IT companies, management organizations, lifestyle brands, finance companies, sales and marketing, recruitment agencies, and even asset management and venture capital concerns. Members of press were of course not to be missed out.
The conference was a mix of serious business discussions and lively informal interactions. Joe Stather representing STR Global gave a presentation on market statistics. In the presentation it was revealed that current REVPAR (revenue per available room) in USA and Europe matched pre-recession high, while in China it was sliding. In the presentation it was further revealed that an astounding 38 percent of new hotels in Europe are in UK, especially in the budge segment. Within 2016 London would be having an additional 18,000 rooms and UK 24,000.
In a presentation by Jason Holley of UDS (Universal Design Services) new ideas on designing was discovered as represented in Shoreditch Ace Hotel. His designs were based on historic architecture as found in this locality. Youri Sawerscehl of Bridge emphasized on the importance of loyalty in hospitality business. Speaking about loyalty Frank Reeves of Avvio added that advocacy plays a more significant role as compared to repetitive visits is establishing loyalty. Food and beverage session was enlightening with presentations from Bob Puccini of Puccini Group and ark Fuller of Sanctum Hotels. According to Pucinni, restaurants are places of mini vacations where people go not just for satisfying their culinary demands but also to have a fulfilling experience.      
Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit was sponsored by HVS, The Montcalm Luxury Hotels, HOSPA, Hotel Swaps, Hotel Indigo, Jacuzzi Spa and Bath, Servest, Luxury Hotels Group, Considerate Hoteliers, British Hospitality Association, and Edge Hotel School.   
In all it was an excellent endeavour by the organizers in bringing in professionals from different parts of the world to share, debate, and deliberate their knowledge and experience in this dynamic sector.
About the Company – Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2014 is a joint effort by several sponsors for exploring the opportunities to setting up new properties in different corners of the globe. For this they invited participants from several countries and across different occupational segments.