1800USAHotels.com Provides Direct Inventory Management Interface to Hotels

Mahwah, NJ – First Internet Travel, Inc., d/b/a 1800USAHotels.com, has recently announced the availability of an easy-to-use hotel inventory management interface that bridges the gap between hoteliers' Property Management Systems (PMS) and 1800USAHotels.com's distribution network that includes Internet, agent desktop and affiliate channels.

Through this direct inventory management interface, 1800USAHotels.com has positioned itself to meet the greatest of hoteliers' needs: streamlining inventory and distribution channel management through a two-way data interface that works with the PMS system the hotel staff already knows. This means all inventory rates for distribution are entered solely into the hotel PMS. This inventory, which remains under the complete control of the hotelier, is then passed through a series of data standardization and aggregation applications and then delivered to the consumer for reservation through 1800USAHotels.com's distribution channels. Reservations secured through this interface are then passed back through the 1800USAHotels.com system and drop directly into the hotel's PMS. All of these features are provided to the hotel with added bonuses such as absolutely NO learning curve for hotel staff and fax communications are now a thing of the past.

Decreasing staff manual labor and broadening hotel inventory distribution and sales is our goal, said Leslie Lafferty, COO of First Internet Travel. As a founding member of Travel Inventory Management Alliance, LLC (www.timaonline.com) and through technology partners such as Hotel Booking Solutions, LLC, we are able to achieve greater results for our hotel partners at much lower costs. Interested hoteliers should contact info@1800usahotels.com for more information.

About First Internet Travel, Inc.

First Internet Travel, Inc. (FIT) is a leading provider of discounted business and leisure travel products, primarily hotel rooms, through on-line, telephone and agent desktop distribution channels. Doing business as 1800USAHotels.com as well as over 200 other travel related URLs, FIT has become one of the largest providers of discounted travel products with a database that includes over 46,000 hotel listings in more than 200 countries worldwide. Further extending this reach and displaying their vision for the future, FIT is also a founding member of the Travel Inventory Management Alliance, LLC (TIMA), a hotel inventory aggregation system that promises tremendous efficiencies and advances to hoteliers as they enter into an increasingly data-driven, Internet marketplace. In addition to these core product offerings, FIT provides a variety of travel-related services that include net rate hotel program development, Internet affiliate programs for discounted hotel inventory distribution, travel-related services to corporate travel agencies and distribution technology development