Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India Hotel Industry Survey 2014-2015 (PDF Download)

The survey, representing 1,358 hotels in various cities across different star categories in India, presents key statistics for the industry. It provides information about financial performance, marketing media usage patterns, guest segmentation, etc.

The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India is pleased to present the eighteenth annual edition of the Indian Hotel Industry Survey, in cooperation with HVS South Asia. This Survey includes indepth information about the performance of hotels across various cities and positioning and provides several benchmarks for comparing hotel performance in India. We would like to thank the participating hotels for all the detailed information they have provided, thereby helping to improve the quality of this research.

The Indian Hotel Industry Survey analyses the performance of the Indian hospitality industry across parameters such as facilities, manpower, operational performance, and marketing trends. The information is based on data received from FHRAI hotel members and the authenticity of this data helps us in providing a clear picture of the operating statistics of India’s hospitality sector. Data collected from our member hotels, our extensive historic database and the credibility of our research have helped make this report a preferred tool for hotel professionals, consultants, investors, bankers, researchers, government officials in the tourism department, media persons, and all those interested in studying the Indian hotel industry.

The current edition includes an analysis of seven major cities for which we have received detailed information and twelve other cities where information was available with us for some hotels, though not in sufficient numbers for all the star categories. We earnestly request all our members to be more forthcoming with sharing the required information as this helps to take up various issues confronting the industry, both at the Centre and State level. It is only when armed with accurate data that we can convince the policy makers to give us the importance and priority that our industry deserves to fulfil its potential in India’s economic growth. In the current survey, while we have basic data for 1,358 members the financial data is not available for all of them. Though the major apprehension of each one of those members for not sharing the required information for this report might be the confidentiality of their data, members should rest assured that there is complete security of data by HVS.

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