Dubai Forecast Revised Downwards

Key EMEA Market of Dubai Forecast Revised Downwards Amid Changing Global Conditions

Drilling down to the all important metric of gross operating profits per available room, or GOPPAR for short, hotels throughout Europe and MENA will experience varying levels of profits through 2017 according to the latest quarterly forecast data released by e-forecasting and HotStats. Of note, the Dubai hotel market will experience negative profit growth in the next three years according to the latest quarterly update to the Dubai Hotel Market Profitability Forecast released by and HotStats.

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Graph - Dubai GOPPAR Forecast“We see varying trends for each key hotel market that influence profits, based mainly on drivers such as changes in demand from visitor-feeding countries as well as domestic costs such as labor and energy,” commented Maria Sogard, CEO of “Record low energy prices have seriously impacted the region and will continue to do so, as the futures market tumble shows oil will not reach $50 for over 6 years from now. This dramatic shift in energy prices affects regional hotel markets differently. With our expansive geographic coverage which include the tourist hotspots of Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna, markets we take this into account, along with other geopolitical and economic factors.” Rounding out coverage of the quarterly Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts, the current list of markets includes: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Newcastle, Paris, Provincial UK, Vienna and country-wide reports on Germany and the United Kingdom. The Hotel Market Profitability Forecast reports are the first of their type to present a full picture of the health of the hotel industry with a focus on occupancy, average room rate (ARR), rooms revenue per available room (RevPAR), total revenue per available room (TRevPAR) and GOPPAR.

The Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts are real-time quarterly profitability forecasts covering major markets across the UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Each Quarterly Forecast includes predictions for 24 months, 8 quarters and three years out for each of the key hotel performance metrics. Annual subscription is available for £1,500 + VAT for 4 quarterly reports for one single market or you can purchase one report for one single market for £850 + VAT. The next issues reporting on Quarter 2 2015 will be released in early July 2015. Please contact or to purchase a report or subscription or should you have any questions.

In addition to reporting on forecasts of the hotel metrics of occupancy, ARR, RevPAR, TRevPAR and GOPPAR, the Quarterly Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts also provide in-depth analysis of the economic environment and its relation to the forecast for each hotel market. This additional analysis includes country-wide hotel industry pulse (HIP) and hotel industry leading indicator (HIL) monthly readings, probabilities of an upcoming recession in the hotel industry, the country’s monthly GDP, a foreign travel leading indicator specific to each market, labour market conditions, inflation, exchange and interest rates, energy prices and other special events.

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