Sojern’s Q2 2016 Global Travel Insights Report: New Travel Data on Rio Predictions, Fall Hotspots and More

Q2 Findings

Top Destinations by Continent: Importance of Marketing by Location

  • Looking back at Q2, Americans, Europeans and Asians largely kept to themselves:

    • North America’s Top Destinations: NYC, Miami, Vegas, LA, Chicago

    • Europe’s Top Destinations: London, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Paris

    • Asia-Pacific’s Top Destinations: Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London (an exception)

Trip Durations: Importance of Marketing the Right Getaways to the Right People

  • North Americans took most of the shortest trips, with 43% searching for trips lasting only three days or shorter. Only 14% searched for trips 12 days or longer, compared to:

    • 26% of Europeans

    • 34% of Latin Americans

    • 22% of Asians

    • 33% of Mid-East/Africans

Copa America: Importance of Marketing to Event-Based Travelers

  • Incremental increase in bookings year-over-year during Copa America dates

  • 29% for Seattle

  • 28% for Orlando

  • 21% for San Francisco

New Target Audiences Thanks to Colombia’s Lifted Visa Restrictions

  • On December 2, 2015, Colombia and the European Union (EU) signed a short-stay visa agreement. This allows travel between the two locations without the visas that were previously required.

  • Between May 2015 and May 2016, there was a 131% increase in searches for European destinations from Colombia and a 42% increase in year-over-year booking volume.

Q3 Forecasts

A Tumultuous Time for the Olympic Games

  • Issues such as an unprepared infrastructure and the contagious mosquito-borne virus Zika have Rio de Janeiro scrambling to prepare for the 2016 Olympics and potential travelers second-guessing their trips. However, knowing which groups are still aiming to attend can help marketers target more effectively.

    • For instance, Japan, UK, and Brazil continue to show strong travel intent to Rio during the event.

Popular Search Times Can Help Marketers Target Consumers When Most Likely to Purchase

  • In Q2, most North Americans looking to travel in Q3 searched for deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; the fewest searched on Saturdays.

Understanding how trends change over time is important to ensuring that marketing efforts stay aligned with travelers intent throughout every season.

  • For instance, many people vacation in the summer, but top destinations can vary greatly as the months change.

    • Washington, DC loses popularity as summer turns to fall, while London increases drastically in popularity from July to September.

For more travel insights for this quarter and beyond, download the full Q2 2016 Global Travel Insights report and infographic.

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