How Hoteliers Can Drive More Mobile Direct Bookings – By Ashley Proceviat

A mobile phone with a hotel booking app on the screen
How Hoteliers Can Drive More Mobile Direct Bookings

Our 2017 hotel report, From Search Engine to Booking Engine, is out, and through our collaboration with Google, it’s packed with even more valuable insights on how guests get from search to booking, across devices. One of the many takeaways from the report is actually a problem that’s endured over the past several years. While mobile search queries are growing across all hotel property types, bookings on mobile continue to pose a challenge. 

How can hoteliers overcome this mobile booking block? Here, we share four recommendations to take that initial mobile search over the line, with a direct booking.

1. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile

Websites tailored to the mobile experience will make the booking experience intuitive. Take a look at Semiahmoo Golf Resort & Spa, who make it easy to book through mobile with a straightforward format, tailored to a mobile device.

Screenshot - Semiahmoo Golf Resort & Spa web site

If you’re looking for ways to create a website that drives direct bookings, including those on mobile, we have an ebook to help you do just that.

2.  Tickle their buying bone with offers for booking via mobile

If your site is perfectly optimized for mobile bookings, consider offering a specific discount for mobile booking. A mobile-only deal can persuade your customers to book then and there, rather than waiting until they are home later in the day (and potentially losing them to a competitor).

3. Get on social media

Make sure your online marketing efforts aren’t restricted to display on desktop. There are so many other places to find them and make an impact. For example, Facebook users spend an average of 50 minutes each day on Facebook and their related sites. Moreover, 823 active Facebook users are mobile only!

If you want to make an impact, utilizing the social media giant to reach potential guests is a great way to start— message them on their preferred device and lead them to your site to book.

4. Work with a partner who can connect those dots

With so many devices, platforms, and ways to reach customers, it’s helpful to work with a partner, like Sojern, who has the data and travel know-how to achieve your marketing goals, mobile and otherwise. Get in touch now to find out how we can drive more direct bookings, across all screens.

Get the full story of mobile booking behaviour in our new report: From Search Engine to Booking Engine.

About Ashley

Ashley is Sojern’s Marketing Manager, EMEA & APAC and works in the London office. Originally from Canada, she’s been living in London for over four years, and is actively trying to fill all the pages in her passport. She has never met a cheese she didn’t like.