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Oracle Hospitality Launches Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Service for Food and Beverage Operators – By Sarah Clelland

We’re announcing fantastic news for the food and beverage industry today: the launch of Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0.

Join our webcast on April 5th and find out more: 11am ET and 7pm ET.

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This latest version of Reporting and Analytics brings a whole number of fantastic benefits to food and beverage operators:

  1. Reporting and Analytics 9.0 has been integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence. OBI is Oracle’s industrial-strength analytics engine, renowned worldwide for its capability to provide visual reports that enable industry leaders to create a data-driven culture.
  2. OBI brings more graphics, dynamic pivot tables, and drill-downs to Reporting and Analytics. You can spot a missed sales target and drill down to find out which locations are not performing. You can use dynamic pivot tables to compare locations over time and see which stores might need attention. And you can view data in graphs, pie-charts, and other formats so that you see instantly where you might have addressable issues.
  3.  You can work out what’s happening but also WHY it’s happening. By giving executives and managers access to the detail in your data, they can understand why a particular issue has occurred and respond to what they’re seeing. If sales are slightly disappointing in your new location, operations directors can compare that store to the one at the other side of the city to establish why this is happening. This then allows marketing to ramp up their activity if needed, or the store manager can provide guidance if one or two employees require some extra training.
  4. The result for you: identify cost-cutting and revenue generating opportunities. As margins get tighter in food and beverage, making sure that your locations are meeting their targets and your employees are performing is essential. With Reporting and Analytics 9.0, executives, directors, and store managers have access to the detail they need to adjust and fine-tune their operations to close up the gaps.
  5. Reporting and Analytics 9.0 comes free of charge with Simphony Cloud. If you’re using our Simphony Cloud point-of-sale platform, the Reporting and Analytics service, with all of this additional functionality, comes at no extra cost to you and your business. 

When Oracle acquired MICROS, we knew it would bring together the power of Oracle technology with the deep hospitality domain expertise of MICROS. The release of Reporting and Analytics 9.0 is a perfect example of how this is benefitting our customers, as we bring better data analysis capability to help them improve guest experience, cut IT costs and complexity, and drive disruptive innovation.

Join our webcast on April 5th and find out more: 11am ET and 7pm ET.

Posted by on March 20, 2017.

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