438 Room Niu Hotel Announced for Düsseldorf

Rendering of the niu Hotel Düsseldorf
438 Room niu Hotel Announced for Düsseldorf

Together with the English investor Citygrove European Developments Ltd, NOVUM Hotel Group is planning to build another hotel at Moscow Street 29. Start of construction – including 438 rooms – is planned for mid-2018. Gleeds Deutschland GmbH has been entrusted with project management. The architects of the building are Siemer Kramer Architect Engineers based in Hamburg.

The planned niu hotel is easily accessible and is located only a stone’s throw from the city center of Düsseldorf. Young, creative people visit the numerous cafes, galleries and extraordinary shops here. It is the perfect location for niu Tab, because it is both cosmopolitan and unique. Each niu has a design concept tailored to the location and zeitgeist.

The niu Tab in Düsseldorf is characterized by modern architecture and a high quality of life, both unmistakably evident in the furnishings, lighting and decorative accessories as trendy, geometric shapes and patterns. Asia fans will be delighted here. Thanks to the many karaoke bars, Japanese shops and sake bars, Düsseldorf is also known as “Little Tokyo on the Rhine”. Characteristic elements such as Asian characters and bamboo ensure a wonderful surprise and inspire people to make selfies for their own social media channels or for the hotel’s Instagram wall. Digital natives are connected everywhere, at any time, with ultra-fast Wi-Fi, USB ports and power connections. Delicious local snacks and drinks such as “Bierhappen” (beer snacks) and the characteristic “Altbier” (local traditional beer) enhance the high quality of life in the niu Tab.

What comes to mind when you think of Duesseldorf? For us, it’s the Kö, Altbier art and of course, the vibrant Little-Tokyo. As a result, it makes perfect sense that Tab stands for Tokyo – Art – Beer.