ITrip Vacations Chooses Inntopia to Offer More Competitive Pricing

iTrip Vacations has partnered with Inntopia Business Intelligence (BI) to offer a more competitive pricing and marketing model for vacation rental listings. 

Inntopia’s BI platform gives properties, destinations and marketers an unprecedented view of past, present, and future performance and booking patterns. This data empowers partners to stay informed, strategic and proactive, resulting in increased revenue opportunities. Not only does Inntopia’s reporting provide users with great insights, but most importantly, it allows users to stay ahead of the competition. 

“Using the Inntopia data, iTrip Vacations has been better positioned in our local markets in terms of pricing,” says Steve Presley, iTrip co-founder. “Offering more competitive pricing in our marketplace has created over $1 million of new growth in the Panama City Beach test market alone.” 

Inntopia BI is a set of tools and expert analysis that helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and lodging managers know what will happen while there’s still time to act. It connects to thousands of data sources within a destination and worldwide, performs deep analysis, and stores it in an interactive dashboard. This dashboard puts performance in context by comparing competitors, trends, forward-looking data and past performance. Resorts, DMOs and individual lodging properties use Inntopia BI to make informed decisions, improve their bottom line, and use real data to judge their performance. 

“Working with the Inntopia team has allowed us to learn new market strategies that also pushed up our revenue available per room (RevPAR) numbers to a new high,” Presley says. “We’re excited to introduce these strategies into additional iTrip Vacations destinations across the U.S.” 

About Inntopia

Inntopia allows resorts to connect their lodging, skiing, golf and other software systems into one-stop shopping carts, automated email marketing, and powerful business intelligence. Headquartered in Stowe, Vermont, Inntopia sells three core products: Commerce (one shopping cart to sell lodging, activities and transportation at the same time), Marketing Cloud (the CRM for travel) and Business Intelligence (powerful, predictive benchmarks for destinations and properties). 

About iTrip Vacations

iTrip Vacations is a national leader in vacation rental management and online travel services. iTrip provides property management programs to more than 60 destinations in North America, while enhancing experiences through affordable luxury accommodations and custom programs. 


Ryan Krukar, Inntopia Business Intelligence Specialist,
Steve Presley, iTrip Vacations Co-founder,