New THOR Media Portal Strategic Partnership Provides Unique Digital Benefits to Membership

Rich Media Exchange announced today their joint partnership with THOR Inc., a world leading travel services company. 

The multi-layered agreement centers around Rich Media’s digital asset library of travel content and management portal technology.   THOR will host their own white label version of the portal on the THOR website at, enabling their extensive base of preferred suppliers and travel agents to utilize this unique sales and asset management tool. 

“We are very excited to be working with an organization as professional and well respected as THOR.  They are a synergistic fit for our two companies, that allows use of our portal technology and platform,  along with our increased distribution system, including the worldwide network of our partner, Travel Daily Media.  Our goals and our customers are a strategic compliment to one another and we look forward to a very productive and successful partnership now, and into the future”, commented Kulin Strimbu, CEO of Rich Media Exchange. 

The THOR Media Portal, (powered by Rich Media Exchange), is an exclusive benefit to THOR’s preferred network of travel agents who will enjoy complimentary access to the library.    Designed to easily upload, host, store and organize a vast array of digital assets, including video, the portal boasts easy sharing capabilities, including convenient playlist-building features. 

In addition, THOR and it’s travel agency members, will enjoy a cross-promotional relationship with Travel Daily Media USA, marketing partner to Rich Media Exchange, and recent  addition to the Travel Daily Media Global Network, based in Asia.  “We really see this partnership as a strategic win for everyone involved,” said Trisha Hall, managing director, THOR, Inc. “The THOR Media Portal will give our preferred partners an enormous value-added resource towards the utilization and management of high quality, professional video – seen as a must have in today’s visually-driven environment.  Plus, the added distribution through Rich Media and Travel Daily’s worldwide base is a huge opportunity for us to tap a global audience through a singular publication network.” 

THOR will kick off the relationship by being an exclusive contributor to the Travel Partner’s section on TD USA.   “This is just one more platform opportunity for us to raise our brand and our value to our membership,” added Hall.    To see THOR’s contributing articles, go to the Partners page at 


THOR, Inc. is an international travel services company that has been providing travel services and products to the world’s leading travel providers since 1977.  THOR travel agency members have a variety of programs and services to choose from including the THOR Hotel Program, THOR Car Program, THOR Services Program and Agent Connection, A Global Booking Tool by THOR.  A wholly-owned subsidiary of Travelport, THOR continues to increase customer value and transform products and services to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs.  For more information about THOR, Inc., visit, e-mail or call +1 303-439-4100. 

Rich Media Exchange is a B2b content management and marketing company, specializing in video delivery and distribution.  With over 2,500 videos and 600,000 images, RME owns the largest library of travel content available in the marketplace.  Dedicated to simplifying the use of rich media for travel marketing, RME distributes to more than 1800 media outlets and over 5,000 travel agents.  Rich Media Exchange is the visual content partner for Travel Daily USA, and platform partner for, a content marketing and management tool for travel bloggers.  It currently operates in the United States, with recent expansion to the UK and Western Europe.  Learn more at 

Travel Daily USA is the newest addition to the Travel Daily Media Group, the industry’s fastest growing worldwide online trade publication.  With the launch of the US website, Travel Daily Global becomes the largest worldwide travel publication, covering more than 20 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia and raching more than 200,000 subscribers worldwide.  Targeting the largest travel seller market in the world, TD USA is positioned to become the preferred digital trade partner to more than 50,000 subscribers and exponentially more influencers via social media.  Incorporating rich media and big data at a global level, this new platform transforms TDUSA from an online news provider to a virtual industry partner. Learn more at


Tessa Snyder
THOR, Inc.

Kulin Strimbu
Rich Media Exchange

Kelly Happ
Travel Daily USA