Your Hotel in Your Guest’s Pocket

There are plenty of websites and mobile applications to choose a vacation spot. There are plenty of websites and applications to buy air tickets. There are even more websites and mobile applications to choose a hotel or an apartment. But there are no apps that will connect hotel with its guests. Or, there wasn’t. DeskBell, a free app available in App Store and Google Play, will be a real hotel guide for your guests.

DeskBell will not assist in choosing a hotel, comparing apartments and hotel rooms, but it will help guests to achieve maximum comfort in the hotel they’ve already chosen. The app will determine the location and will provide them with all the necessary information.

Someone may ask “Why do you need a hotel guide?”. It’s not a big city where you can get lost. And for someone walking around hotel territory is a part of their vacation they can spend some time on… Now, there’s no need in telling your guests every single time how to find a restaurant, what are bar hours and what’s on the menu. They just need to open DeskBell to get all the information about your hotel.

You don’t have to try to understand what a tourist is saying – DeskBell has the most popular languages and your guest will choose which one does he/she needs. And the most important – you don’t have to search for bilingual staff, print menus and booklets in different languages …

Guests will learn where is the restaurant (the app will become an intermediary between a guest and a hotel), what’s on the menu, meal times, where’s a gym, which swimming pool should they visit, etc. All you have to do is to enter as much information about your hotel as you want and renew it when needed.

The app will make communication between guests and staff so much easier, as there’s no need in explaining how to use a telephone in the room.

DeskBell has its own messenger, which will help your guests to communicate with each other. There’s a chat connected to a social media profile. “On the first ring” the app will show you those who are nearby and ready to talk. Your guests can find others coming from the same country in your or in a neighboring hotel, meet for a tour, play beach volleyball or just to meet in a hotel lobby.

The app will work as a calendar for your guests – it will tell them about upcoming events in the hotel or nearby. Guests will keep track on contests, discounts, parties and so on. No more bulletin boards. Just add information to the app and it will show up in a newsfeed for your hotel.

Your hotel is unique! The DeskBell app will help you to show it to the best advantage. All you need is to spend a couple of minutes adding information about your own hotel. It will give you an additional profit and save you so much time and effort!

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