Hotel Distribution – Is It Optimized or Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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Hotel Distribution – Is It Optimized or Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Hotel distribution is a complex business with an intricate web of connections linking hotel room suppliers to hotel distributors which includes bed banks, wholesalers, switches, online travel companies, metasearch engines as well as the GDSs. Even in the battle for direct sales hoteliers need a number of different third party channels in order to reach their target audiences across the globe.

This makes selling travel competitive, where a robust and reliable infrastructure and deep inventory insights can help competitive differentiation. Response times and knowing which inventory is selling and whether there is enough supply to meet demand is key. To accommodate these distribution needs, tools such as robust booking systems or external API connectivity are absolutely necessary. Look to book” and server loads are important issues. So if you distribute hotel rooms do you know how well your systems are performing? Are you missing opportunities to sell inventory? Are you even aware of those potential losses to your bottom line?

We’ve created a simple calculator to provide an indication of the power of using a performance monitoring and search and booking analytics tool to get better operational results. The calculator gives an immediate insight into potential benefits based on your real-life assessments and the numbers can be tweaked up or down to reflect real-life scenario and savings aspirations. If search and booking analytics are currently not part of your operational toolkit, we hope these numbers persuade you that you are missing a trick that many leading intermediaries are already using.

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