Why Facebook is a Direct Demand Solution for Hotels – By Ashley Proceviat

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Why Facebook is a Direct Demand Solution for Hotels

By now, you probably know that Facebook’s reach is off the charts. With over 2.07B monthly active users on Facebook itself, and 800M on Instagram, hotels can definitely benefit from the sheer number of people they can reach through this social media giant.

But it’s not just about the number of users on a platform. Rather, it’s how the platform influences the traveler’s path to purchase. Here, we explain three reasons why Facebook is a great way to drive more bookings.

In-market travelers are always on Facebook

In fact, travelers spend 5X more time on Facebook than on travel-related apps and sites. So, a presence on Facebook creates a more seamless experience for your customers. From dreaming and planning all the way to booking, you can stand out from the crowd by reaching your potential guests where they spend the majority of their online time.

Drive people to your website with Facebook link ads

Facebook link ads direct people to your website to visit the pages that you’d like them to see. They have clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, which as you’ll remember from our ebook Creating a Website that Converts: The Hotelier’s Guide to Driving Direct Bookings, are essential to guiding your guests through to a booking with ease. In particular, we like the ‘Book Now’ CTA, which points in-market travelers directly to your website where they can complete their booking.

Formats that don’t exist anywhere else

The fact that Facebook is its own self-contained platform means they can dream up and deliver formats that aren’t available on other social media sites. For example, the Carousel ad format allows you to tell a story with multiple rotating images—and tends to deliver a higher CTR to boot. Here’s how del Lago Resort & Casino highlights the best of their amenities with this innovative format:

Screenshot - Lago Resort & Casino

Looking to dip your hotel’s toe into Facebook’s water? Give us a shout to find out how to make the most of this massive opportunity.

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