StayNTouch+CENDYN Webinar – Dynamic Duo: Why the PMS & CRM Integration Is Essential to Guest Engagement

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StayNTouch Webinar Series

An essential part of offering your guests a seamless experience is being able to track the guest journey from booking, to stay to post stay. For this to be possible, your technology systems must be tightly integrated and always communicating up-to-date information. 

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The PMS/CRM connection is one that is fundamental to providing a streamlined guest experience. Gathering important guest data and subsequently utilizing that data to give guests special offerings and packages via targeted campaigns is a prime example of how the two systems can work in unison to turn happy guests into repeat customers. 

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In this webinar, experts from StayNTouch and CENDYN Discuss:

■ What information should be passed back and forth between the PMS and CRM.

■ How incorporating mobile touchpoints on property can enhance guest engagement and capture important data.

■ How to drive more revenue and increase guest satisfaction with targeted marketing campaigns.