HOTEL INTERGATE Kyoto/Shijo-Shinmachi Opens

Guestroom at the HOTEL INTERGATE Kyoto/Shijo-Shinmachi
HOTEL INTERGATE Kyoto/Shijo-Shinmachi Opens

GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., which are expanding their facilities operations throughout Japan at city hotels, business hotels, hot spring inns, comprehensive seaside leisure facilities, golf courses, highway restaurants, and more, have launched a new hotel brand, INTERGATE HOTELS. The first hotel to open for this brand was the HOTEL INTERGATE Kyoto/Shijo-Shinmachi, which began operations on Thursday, March 1st, 2018.

Popular Kyoto tourist destinations and World Heritage Sites, including Nijo Castle, Kiyomizu Temple, and the Golden and Silver Pavilions are approximately 30 minutes from the hotel. The Nishiki Market, known as Kyoto’s Kitchen, is roughly ten minutes away on foot. The HOTEL INTERGATE is therefore optimally positioned to be your base for exploring Kyoto. A wide variety of services are available to optimize a full day in your destination. There will also be regularly planned workshops to learn about Kyoto’s traditional industries as well as displays of local art and crafts to enable you to make more new discoveries and connections at your destination.

In addition to highlighting the natural deliciousness of vegetables to the maximum extent, there is a buffet of breakfast dishes, croissants, and rolls, with more than fifty varieties to choose from.

The large bathing areas are accompanied by adjoining healing spaces and relaxation rooms, to soothe you after traveling. The powder rooms are also stocked with a variety of amenities, including basic cosmetics.

The lounge offers a variety of beverages, including complimentary coffee, and snacks that vary by the time of day, and include a selection of honeys, late-night dinners, soft drinks, and alcohol. Sparkling wine is available during breakfast hours on weekends and holidays.

At the complimentary coffee counter, available throughout your stay, you will find singular cups of coffee, presented in collaboration with a local Kyoto coffee shop. Smoothies are also available during early morning hours.

All rooms offer unique mattresses developed jointly with Simmons Bedding Company. The mattresses are specifically designed to support quality sleep with not only cushioning comfort, but with absorbency, moisture releasing qualities, and cooling air flows.