How Videos Are Effective for Each Part of Travel’s Path to Purchase – By Hannah Fuller

By 2019, video will make up nearly 80% of all internet traffic. With the use of a great video ad, not only can you connect with travelers in new ways, but also impact purchasing behavior as they plan their trips.

Using video to inspire travel

Imagine you’re starting to plan an upcoming getaway. As you’re browsing various destinations, a beautiful video ad highlighting a beach resort comes onto your screen. Inspired by what you saw, you home in on beaches for your trip.

With two-thirds of travelers using video to narrow down on trip destinations, guests don’t want to read about what your brand has to offer—they want to see it. A video that highlights your destination, amenities, and local culture allows you to engage with travelers in a more visual way. Keeping your message short and concise, as well as casting your targeting net wide, will ensure that you reach different travelers as they look to be inspired.

In a recent Tourism Australia video, they show everything that a guest can experience while visiting, inspiring travelers to explore their destination.

How video can drive consideration of your destination, brand, or offering

Now that you have inspired travelers to visit your destination, it is up to you to stay engaged and keep your brand top of mind as they move along their path. What is it about your brand that should make them consider you? With nearly 64% of travelers watching videos when they are considering a trip, we recommend retargeting travelers with videos who have shown previous interest in your brand.

What’s more? Approximately 60% of searches for information on destinations occur on mobile devices. Narrowing your video ads to mobile and coupling your efforts with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps keep your brand not only top of mind, but also at the top of traveler’s search results.

For example, Marriott Hotels gives guests an inside look at what to expect during their stay.

Using video at the booking

When it comes to the final stage of a traveler’s path to purchase, video can be effective in driving direct bookings. Serving videos that give guests a virtual tour of your destination has proven to be a successful marketing tactic, with traveler’s 67% more likely to book. We recommend maintaining narrow targeting, primarily focusing on traveler’s who have not only showed interest in your brand, but also high intent to travel.

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About Hannah Fuller

Hannah is Sojern’s Content Marketing Associate. Originally from Pennsylvania, she enjoys the change of pace in the Midwest, but misses an authentic Philly Cheesesteak.