China Hotels Show Slight Lunar New Year Lift

Mainland China’s hotel industry performance showed improvement from last year’s pandemic-affected Lunar New Year period, but still fell well short in comparison with 2019 levels, according to preliminary data from STR.

Global Hotel Profit Performance Divides in New Year

Turning the page doesn’t always assure a better result. After the worst performing year on record, the hotel industry was ready for 2021, but resigned to the fact that a new year doesn’t mean things automatically get better. The harsh reality is a global pandemic that has ceased to fully recede. Still, there is cause for optimism. Though travel remains stunted across the world, some regions are showing signs of sustained performance positivity. Include Asia-Pacific and the Middle East on that list.

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HVS Report – Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Market Outlook 2021 – By Shannon S. Okada

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Las Vegas economy has been extremely harsh given the market’s reliance on visitation and conventions. Following five consecutive years of accommodating more than 42 million visitors, Las Vegas hosted just over 19 million people in 2020 (the lowest number of visitors since 18.1 million in 1989). Continued weak performance is anticipated through the first half of 2021.

The 3 Most Important Google Analytics Goals for Hotel Websites – By Melissa Kavanagh

After years and years of working with hotel clients and their analytics data, it has become clear that many people don’t understand the importance of, and/or the best way of setting up conversion goals. While the ultimate goal on a hotel website is drive bookings, there is more behavioral data available in Google Analytics that can help a hotelier make better marketing decisions than looking at just that one item.