The Path to Successful Change Management – FAQ with an Expert – By Laura Badiu

Change is rarely easy. In hospitality, keeping up with trends and technology innovations is not only a must but the actual key to surviving within such a competitive environment. New generations of travelers arise along with different demands and expectations and new hotel tech is developed and perfected every day. Darwin was not wrong when referring to the survival of the fittest, even though we are now downsizing the concept to fit the business area. In hospitality, you either adapt to change or you risk to become obsolete.

How To Help Your Front Desk Colleagues Overcome ‘Compassion Fatigue’ – By Doug Kennedy

As part of the prework I do before conducting on-site training workshops for front desk teams, I always look at the existing, in-house training standards and content. Nearly all programs cover the concepts of showing empathy, and especially at Forbes rated hotels, to establish authentic, emotional connections. Yet when I look at how colleagues are trained on how to deliver on these standards, I find that most managers are simply going over scripted welcome messages and reviewing interpersonal communications techniques at their meetings.

Tech Trends of 2020: Where Innovation Lies

Facial recognition. Robotics process automation (RPA). Voice assistance. As technology becomes the cornerstone in the way we do business and a key driver for the guest experience, we have all become relatively familiar with tech terms like these – But do we truly understand what they mean, and are we asking the right questions if we don’t?