HVS Report – Anchorage Lodging Market: Winter 2021 Update – By Kasia M. Russell and Breanna S. Smith

Declining oil and gas prices since 2014 have largely resulted in an economic retrogression in Alaska. Aside from the oil and gas industry, the tourism industry is one of the largest private-sector groups of employers in the state and accounts for one of every eight jobs. Therefore, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to the local economy. While the widespread availability of a vaccine has ignited hope, tourism recovery faces some obstacles in 2021.

Update on Brazil: Leisure Vs. Corporate Destinations – STR

Since Brazil started to emerge from COVID-19 isolation, domestic leisure demand has returned at a modest level while international and group demand are unlikely to return in the short-term restrictions remain in place. As noted in our previous analysis, preference for Latin America’s regional markets continues to be higher than urban markets. Brazil is no exception. Now the question is, when will corporate demand come back?

Tampa Hotels Report Moderate Rate Gains on Super Bowl Weekend

With limited attendance and game festivities, Tampa’s hotel performance gains came in far lower than that of previous Super Bowl host markets, according to STR. Despite the current pandemic environment, the market was still able to post a 64.5% year-over-year increase in average daily rate (ADR).