Generation Z Recognises Its Responsibility in Shaping the Future of Travel in Europe

Generation Z Travellers believe that tourism benefits local communities, while also being aware of the personal benefits of travel, such asunderstanding other cultures and building life experiences and self-confidence. These were just two of the findings revealed in the study published by the European Travel Commission (ETC) aimed to understand the travel motivations and the broader world view of Generation Z.

Case Surge Could Derail Middle East Momentum

Like the rest of the world, the Middle East’s hotel industry fell off the cliff in March and sunk deeper in April. But if May is any indication, its fortunes may slowly be turning, albeit still well off pre-COVID levels. Momentum, however, could be blunted over the resurfacing of more cases across the region and some governments unwillingness to shut their economies back down.

HVS Report – The Importance of Sporting Events for the Las Vegas Market – By Shannon S. Okada

Three U.S. major professional sports teams—the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League, Las Vegas Aces of the Women’s National Basketball Association, and Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League—are based in Las Vegas. The importance of sporting events for the Las Vegas market extends beyond serving as the home for these professional teams. The return of sports will contribute to Las Vegas’ eventual recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.