Signs of Life: After Bottoming Out, Global Hotel Industry Claws Back

Hotel industry data amid COVID-19 has been like a horror movie that forces you to cover your eyes. But at least in May, you can take a peek – though only insofar as it pertains to MOM data. YOY data is still a fright. May is the light at the end of the tunnel that hoteliers across the globe have been in search for. A glimmer of hope that revenue and profit, though still mightily depressed, are at least turning around. After months of frowns, it’s a trend hoteliers can smile at.

A Message from IHG CEO Keith Barr – A Time for Action: Creating an Inclusive Culture

This weekend Global Pride 2020 marked a culmination of celebrations in June that welcome one and all in the LGBTQ+ community, and recognise everyone’s right to equality and inclusion. These values are of course firmly in the thoughts of many right now, with people around the world coming together not just for Pride, but also to stand up to prejudice, injustice and racism, and throw a vital spotlight on the discrimination that Black communities still face in our society today.