The New Face of a Winning Hotel Listing – Promoting Cleanliness on Booking Platforms – By Laura Badiu

Traveling in the current scene is definitely tricky – along with pressing health concerns, many questions arise in the minds of travelers. Will I be safe? Is the hotel that I’m booking prioritizing cleanliness? Are they taking enough sanitation measures? All of these questions need to have a clear answer in order for the post-COVID-19 traveler to confidently go through with a booking.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 161 – Consumer Confidence Is Rebounding But Safety Is Still The Primary Concern

In our continuing look at consumer sentiment during the coronavirus outbreak, we are beginning to see some positive signs of recovery. After recently taking a major hit from the uptick in COVID cases and the negative media coverage, consumers are beginning to travel again. In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the Fueligans dig into the data from volume 8 of our Sentiment Study and discuss what it means for your hotel.

Health & Wellness Take Center Stage in Post-Pandemic Travel – By Kristen Sullivan

As the travel industry slowly starts to recover from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time for hoteliers to begin thinking about ways to entice cautious travelers who now value health and wellness above all else. Priorities have changed and guest expectations need to be considered moving forward. Prior to the pandemic, wellness was having a moment in the hospitality space, but now the crisis has intensified this priority, putting wellness and the awareness of personal health and well-being at the forefront of guests’ minds.

Upselling To Increase Hotel Business Post COVID

Opening up for travel does not mean that we are going back to 'normal'. The virus is still a threat, and this means that hotels need to do their part to help ensure safety for their guests and those who are employed by the hotel. Hotels today have a host of challenges they need to overcome in their operations and marketing to help get their business back to a level pre-COVID.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 158 – Why Consumer Sentiment Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

Fuel recently released volume 7 of our consumer sentiment study and it’s a real eye-opener. Just when we all thought things were heading in the right direction, the cases of COVID began to increase and the mainstream media changed it’s narrative to be very anti-travel. This has had a dramatic impact on consumers and their willingness to book a vacation. In this episode, we take a look at the new data and break it down between people who are in favor of masks vs those who prefer to abstain. Check it out.

Tips To Improve Your Hotel Occupancy Post-COVID

COVID-19 has affected countless industries around the world. The travel industry and hotels, in particular, have been hit a serious blow these last few months. However, places are starting to reopen and people have started to travel as well. And it is time that hotels make things work strategically, because, considering the dangers of the pandemic, people want to be as safe as possible.