Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 128 – The 5 Ps of Storytelling for Hotels (from Hotel Speak)

If you’ve ever taken a marketing course, you will probably be familiar with the concept of the 5 Ps of Marketing. The 5 Ps are the standard concepts used to come up with a marketing strategy for your business, and encompass: Product, Price, Place, People, and Promotion. Hotel Speak recently published a great article on a slightly different perspective, geared specifically for the hotel and lodging industry. Here’s the breakdown

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 127 – Everything You Need To Know About The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

By now you have probably heard the increasing chatter about CCPA. In this episode of the award winning Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we do an overview and try to unpack the new California privacy regulations and what they mean for your hotel. Keep in mind that CCPA is just the beginning and we fully expect to see more legislation coming from other states in the very near future.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 126 – Top 5 Ways Hotel Operations & Marketing Teams Can Work Better Together (w/ Wil Slickers)

Bridging the gap between the operations staff and the marketing team is an age-old problem that has faced many hotels. In this episode of the award-winning Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we tap into the brain of a bonafide hotel operator, Wil Slickers, and discuss some ideas that may help you to get every team member into alignment and eliminate the silos so that you can better serve your guest.