In-house or Outsourced – Where Will Your Growth Come from in 2021? – By Denise Powers, Founder and CEO of Fountainhead

For all the challenges that Covid has created in the travel industry, it has also taught us some important lessons. First among these is that survival and growth depend on pivots, innovation, evolution – new approaches and new ways of thinking. We’re reaching a point when it’s time to start thinking about marketing again and that raises an important question. Where do you turn for the expert marketing that’s going to help deliver your recovery and growth in 2021?

Hotel Lawyer – New Rules for Anti-money Laundering Compliance? FinCEN Seeks Comments on New Federal Anti-Money Laundering Law – By Jim Butler

The Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is currently accepting public comments on a provision in the recently enacted Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) which requires some privately-held business entities to disclose ownership information directly to a law enforcement agency. Interested parties should consider commenting before the May 5th deadline, and companies who may be impacted should take this opportunity to review their anti-money laundering compliance programs.

How Live Experience Drives Fearless Guest Loyalty – By Laura Badiu

Picking up the pieces after last year is quite similar to Frankenstein putting his monster together and screaming 'It’s alive!'. Right now, it really is about the ‘(a)live’ experience. And, not to say that the new face of hospitality and travel will be monstrous in any way but it will certainly be different. Plus, I don’t know where you stand in the whole Frankenstein monster topic, but I am actually a big fan of the poor fellow. Very good guy. Very feared though – similar to our post-pandemic industry in a way, if I may stretch my own analogy.

The Rise of On-Site Reviews During the Pandemic – What the Data Shows – By Laura Badiu

Until recently, requesting and leaving a review was always done after the guest checks out of the hotel. The guest journey was made of clear and defined stages that ended once the guest left the hotel premises and submitted a review. Only then did a hotel analyze and act upon the feedback received. Things have changed significantly in the last few years and especially since the COVID pandemic began.