Promote Your Hotel Before It Opens – 10 Strategies For Success – By Nicolette Cromer

Congratulations on your new hotel or resort adventure! Though inevitably a bit stressful, opening a new property is undoubtedly an exciting task. Of course, you wouldn’t ever build and open your new property and just hope people show up. Rather, you will want to have a marketing plan in place to effectively promote your property in advance to generate interest and demand.

How New Business Travel Patterns Are Affecting RFP Season – By Mark McBride

While leisure travel is coming back, there are still a multitude of uncertainties surrounding the return of business travel through the rest of this year and beyond, with some experts wondering if it will ever return to its pre-pandemic levels. Whatever happens with business travel will have many ramifications for pricing and RFP season. Members of HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Advisory Board (ROAB) shared what they are anticipating regarding business travel on a recent call.

What Was Doing to Gain Market Share While We Were All in Lockdown – Mirai

During the pandemic, many hotels have seen their direct sales grow exponentially within their channel mix. Meanwhile, on the sly, has also managed to increase its share with almost no resistance. Given the current situation, where many channels are still not appearing and we don’t know if they will be activated this season, has become the basket where most of your distribution eggs are stored.

Marriott Bonvoy Launches 'Power Of Travel' Campaign

After enduring a pandemic where travel all but ceased for the first time in modern history and society became more insular, Marriott Bonvoy is making a fearless declaration: travel is an antidote to biases and narrow minds. In its new global “Power of Travel” campaign, Marriott Bonvoy is calling on the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital pathway to growth, healing, and unity.