Post COVID-19 Hospitality: 8 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies For Smart Hoteliers

Whether you are the general manager of an independent luxury resort, the marketing head of a multichain property, or the owner of a small boutique, it is perhaps the most important time to kickstart your marketing campaigns. Analyzing trends can help to not only minimize losses but also undertake the necessary measures to protect yourself and your guests.

Traditional Marketing Strategies for Hotel Chains

Having the right marketing strategy is crucial for today's highly competitive hotel business. It helps attract guests in different ways, sell more rooms, increase occupancy, and drive profitability. Marketing conveys your hotel brand's USPs and lets your target audience know why you are better than others, and it also gives them compelling reasons to book with you. This copy will help you find some of the traditional marketing strategies for your hotel chain to consolidate your effort in gaining a competitive edge.

Your Emails Are Failing Your Hotel’s Guests. Here's What Needs To Happen. – By Pete DiMaio

Hoteliers love to brag about the size of their email database and often attribute near-magical powers to the ability to send a message to tens, or hundreds, of thousands of potential customers. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. In fact, we would suggest, that as a rule, you shouldn’t. Spamming (and we do mean spamming) your entire database in an effort to drive occupancy is not only poor marketing, it’s causing you to alienate your potential guests and push them to unsubscribe from your emails.