Four Trends Shaping Travel Fintech in 2022 – PhocusWire

While the travel industry has been gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, new payments trends have been quietly developing behind the scenes. The increasing convergence of fintech and travel is undeniably one of the most significant and interesting changes we’ve seen recently in travel tech.

Upselling – The New Challenge for Hoteliers Nowadays

With the penetration of travel technology, travellers are getting used to booking a hotel room online, planning their travel itinerary online and even purchasing destination tickets online. STAAH Upselling partner KAI shares with us tips on Upselling and how it’s a new challenge for hoteliers.

Managing Guest Conflict and Online Reputation

Online reviews – they’re everywhere today. From e-commerce stores to hotels, people love to share their thoughts about their experiences. It’s about more than just venting when you have a bad customer service experience, though. Online reviews are a form of social proof. They tell others what to expect from a product, service, or company.