Tribal Casinos Are Turning to Technology to Protect Employees – By Robb Monkman, Founder and CEO of React Mobile

Certain things in life can be a gamble, but what about personal safety? Or, in the case of casinos, what about the safety of staff? Of course, the answer seems obvious. Admittedly, the well-being of staff should never be left to chance or treated with the same whimsical probability so often applied to a friendly game of blackjack, right?

HFTP Hangouts – Home-based Offices Introduce New Security Considerations

Amongst the many challenges businesses faced this spring, was the quick transition for many to move from business office space to home office space. The order to relocate was abrupt and managers had to scramble to supply their workers with the technological tools to network in the least disruptive way possible. Approximately six weeks later many of us are adjusted to this new norm, but probably can recount in detail the bumps it took to get there. And outside of the central, controlled environment of the office space, security concerns abound with a geographically spread out workplace.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 147 – 4 Ways to Drive Growth and Increase Engagement With Your Guest Data

In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, the 20-year marketing veteran of Priceline and Lending Tree, Josh Francia, will reveal his own tried-and-tested recipe for building an engine that leads to sustained growth and success, propelling you light years ahead of the competition. He’ll also share how this approach brings greater returns, easier execution, and deeper guest insights.

Vizergy’s Partnership with Leading Hospitality Branding Agency B&Co. Continues to Grow – Positioning Clients for Success

Today, Vizergy Digital Marketing announced a series of successful collaborations with leading hospitality branding agency B&Co. The marriage of Vizergy's best in class digital marketing platform and web development team with the branding visionaries at B&Co. have led to a partnership that allows each business to provide their mutual clients with the best of both worlds.