Le Meridien Beverly Hills, The Orchard, The Castle Top List of Hotels for Sweethearts Chosen by Travel Industry Expert Stephanie Abrams

CLOSTER, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)–Jan. 11, 2002–With Valentine's Day approaching, Stephanie Abrams, asked to identify hotels appealing to sweethearts for the Cooperative Marketing Alliance(CMA), a travel agency group of over 2000 travel agencies, announced today that, Le Meridien Beverly Hills tops the list with The Orchards, Williamstown, MA, and The Castle at Tarrytown, NY close behind. … Read more

Six Continents Hotels, Sao Paulo-based Group Sol Invest, Sign Agreement for Re-development of Historic Building Into a 480-Room Holiday Inn Select

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 10, 2002– Alliance Aimed At Re-development Of Central Sao Paulo Historic Property Capitalizes On Global Re-urbanization Trend Six Continents Hotels (NYSE:SXC)(LSE:SXC)(ADRs), the world's most global hotel company, and Sao Paulo-based Group Sol Invest, announced plans for the renovation of an existing building which was once the internationally-renowned Hotel Jaragua, a major destination for … Read more

HARS Adds 13 Additional Hotels and Car Rental Locations to Portfolio in June

CALGARY, July 16 /CNW/ – HARS Systems, Inc. (HSS: CDNX), through its wholly owned subsidiary, VIP International Corporation, a proven business generator for hotels and car rental companies around the globe through the Internet and the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), announced the signing of 11 new contracts, and the addition of two new hotels and … Read more

FEATURE: Hospitality eBusiness: The future

As the hospitality industry continues to embrace electronic forms of doing business, from the way rooms inventory is distributed to the online purchasing of goods and services, tradition-bound attitudes are changing in this sector as rapidly as the technological enhancements that mold them. The context for eBusiness in hospitality is a challenging one but the future … Read more

ShoLodge Announces Year-End Results

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn., April 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — ShoLodge, Inc. (NASDAQ:LODG) today announced results for its year ended December 30, 2001. Total revenues were $48.9 million in 2001 compared with $64.1 million in 2000, reflecting the effect of the sale of 27 Sumner Suites hotel operations in the second quarter of 2000. For the 12 hotels (all … Read more

Kerzner Increases Earnings Estimates for 2002

PARADISE ISLAND, The Bahamas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 15, 2003– Kerzner International Limited (NYSE:KZL) (the “Company”) today announced that Atlantis, Paradise Island achieved stronger than expected results in the fourth quarter of 2002. As a result, the Company now expects its recurring earnings per share for 2002 to exceed $2.00 per share. On October 30, 2002, the Company had provided an expected range of $1.75 to $1.85 when it reported results for the third quarter.