How TrustYou Hotels Are 'Cleaning Up' Vs. Their Competition – By Michael Steinberg

In our last post, we ended with the question about how cleanliness impacts overall hotel performance. To answer that question, we can take a look at the CompIndex KPI. The CompIndex shows you how your hotel’s scores compare to the average scores of your competitors. It is basically a ratio, which if being over 1.0, means you are outperforming your competitors. We decided to look into the CompIndex for the Performance score to understand if there is a positive or negative trend in the last couple of years for hotels using TrustYou, in comparison to their competition, meaning the hotels that have been selected as competitors in the platform. The results were quite positive.

Maestro PMS Integration with PurpleCloud Helps Solve the Labor Crunch with Streamlined Housekeeping Services

The pandemic has placed a brighter spotlight on the need for hotels to do more with less. Because the gap between the availability of human resources and increasing guest expectations has never been wider, the ability for hoteliers to meet this challenge has been severely impacted and the area of operations that has been hit hardest is housekeeping. A new full integration partnership between Maestro PMS and PurpleCloud helps to solve this problem.