MEININGER Hotels Opts for Cashless Payment at Their Hotels

From Copenhagen to the rest of Europe – at the Danish MEININGER location, payment has been exclusively electronic since its opening in 2017. Now, almost all 31 properties are following this example, after the cashless hotel experience was successfully tested in other selected properties this year.

Monkeys and Marriott: Uses of NFTs in the Hospitality Industry – By Shubham Khemka

Imagine you had an online avatar – a 'mini-me' version of you, an identity card that includes your face (albeit in animated form) and a unique code. Instead of presenting your real ID card every time, you attach it once to this avatar and do not have to carry it every time you need to check in to a hotel or flight. Now take it a step further: imagine your loyalty points are attached to this identity

Capturing Travel Demand: Hotel Pricing and Promotional Strategies in Europe

As popular travel destinations in Europe emerge from months of uncertainty and cancellations, trends in the travel industry are beginning to emerge. In this post we use OTA Insight’s Market Insight tool to look into demand trends and the Rate Insight tool to examine the evolution of the rate strategies of destinations across Europe, to see how hoteliers are capturing increasing demand in 2022.