STR: U.S. Hotel Profitability Dipped in August

August GOP was lower on a per-available-room basis as well as when indexed to the comparable month from 2019. Estimated GOP was 111% of 2019 levels in July but just 94% in August. The only key profitability metric to increase month over month was labor per available room.

America’s Monthly GDP Revised Down

America's real monthly GDP revised down ‘to a month-to-month annualized rate of 2.2 percent in August, following an increase of 5.0 percent in July’, said Professor Evangelos Simos, Editor-in-Chief.

Social Listening to Create Bespoke Customer Experiences: Best Practices for Hospitality Operators

Social listening involves using the information customers post publicly to better personalize their experience. But distinguishing the messages that matter (and responding to them promptly and effectively) is not easy – with customers in the United States posting over 500 million tweets a day, and over 400 million uploads on Instagram – how can a company sift through this information to make a meaningful connection? In our paper, we describe the process Luxury Hotel Company X embarked on to harness social media postings to better manage their experience in real-time.